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Aluprof MB-100GFT doors

Aluprof introduces the innovative Aluprof MB-100GFT doors, a thermally broken Ground Floor Treatment system designed specifically for ground-level entrances where superior thermal insulation and mechanical durability are paramount.

Ideal for locations requiring robust construction capable of withstanding frequent and intensive use, the Aluprof MB-100GFT doors system offers unparalleled reliability. It caters to various configurations, including single and double doors, as well as shopfront systems, providing flexibility to meet diverse project requirements.

Key features of the Aluprof MB-100GFT doors system include best-in-class thermal insulation, streamlined fabrication process for ease of installation, sleek aesthetics, and safety enhancements. Standard features include a low-level Part M compliant threshold, concealed transom closer, and optional anti-finger trap profiles for added safety.

With options for inward, outward, or dual-action operation, the system accommodates different user preferences and operational needs. Additionally, customers can choose between two thermal variants: the basic ST variant and the enhanced SI variant, offering even greater insulation performance with the inclusion of thermal inserts.

Thanks to its modular construction and simplified fabrication process, lead times for delivery and installation are significantly reduced, ensuring efficient project timelines and customer satisfaction.

Aluprof MB-100GFT doors
Aluprof MB-100GFT doors
Aluprof MB-100GFT doors
Aluprof MB-100GFT doors

MB-100GFT doors - key benefits:

  • Versatile Opening Options: Doors can open inward, outward, or operate as dual-action, providing flexibility to suit various architectural and functional requirements.
  • Enhanced Thermal Efficiency: With low Uf-values achieved through enhanced thermal insulation and EPS or Polyethylene inserts, the doors contribute to improved energy efficiency, reducing heat transfer and enhancing interior comfort.
  • Surface Anti-Panic Fittings: The system provides the option to incorporate surface anti-panic fittings, enhancing safety and facilitating quick and easy egress during emergency situations.
Aluprof MB-100GFT doors
Aluprof MB-100GFT doors
Aluprof MB-100GFT doors

The Aluprof MB-100GFT doors offer a comprehensive array of features and benefits tailored to meet the demanding requirements of modern construction:

  1. Versatile Operation: Doors can be configured for inward, outward, or dual-action opening, providing flexibility to suit various architectural and functional needs.
  2. Dual Thermal Variants: Profiles are available in two thermal variants, ST or SI, incorporating EPS or polyethylene inserts between thermal breaks. This design ensures low Uf-values, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency.
  3. Security Options: The system supports 1 or 3-point locks and panic hardware, offering customizable security solutions to meet specific project requirements.
  4. Shopfront Segment Design: Segment-based shopfronts feature starter profiles designed for effective drainage and construction leveling, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  5. Enhanced Glazing Beads: Designed glazing beads for doors enhance security and burglar resistance, meeting PAS24 certification requirements for peace of mind.
  6. Weather Seal Options: Weather seals are available in two variants, including industry-standard brush strip or a brush strip with integral barrier fin, ensuring superior weather resistance and energy efficiency.
  7. Efficient Design: The MB-100GFT system features a simplified and efficient design, reducing production time and streamlining construction processes for enhanced project efficiency.
  8. Compatibility: Suited for integration with other Aluprof systems, the MB-100GFT allows for the use of common elements, providing design flexibility and compatibility across projects.
  9. Anti-Panic Fittings: The system offers the possibility of using surface anti-panic fittings, enhancing safety and security in emergency situations.
  10. Durable Performance: With resistance to repeated opening and closing tested up to Class 8, achieving 1,000,000 cycles in both opening directions according to EN 12400 standards, the MB-100GFT ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding environments.

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