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Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors

Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors represent a pinnacle in highly insulated aluminum systems, seamlessly blending contemporary design with exceptional thermal efficiency. Versatile and adaptable, it serves as an ideal solution for both new construction endeavors and renovation projects.

Characterized by its sleek steel appearance, the Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors system exudes a modern and minimalist aesthetic, perfectly complementing a wide array of architectural styles. The optional triple glazing further enhances its thermal performance, fostering energy efficiency and elevating indoor comfort levels.

Flexibility lies at the heart of the Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors system, offering limitless design possibilities and functional versatility. Whether employed as doors or windows, it seamlessly integrates into a building’s façade, adding a touch of sophistication and style. The system’s slender profile facilitates larger glass areas, optimizing natural light penetration and imbuing interior spaces with a sense of openness and airiness.

Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors
Reynaers SlimLine 38
Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors

SL-38 door - key benefits:

  • Steel-look windows offer a classic aesthetic in a variety of styles, catering to diverse architectural preferences. Whether for modern new-builds or renovation projects, they bring timeless elegance and functionality to any setting.
  • These windows boast high thermal insulation properties, enhancing energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Their ability to regulate temperature makes them ideal for creating cozy spaces while minimizing energy costs.
  • Versatile and adaptable, steel-look windows seamlessly blend into both contemporary and traditional settings, adding character and charm to any structure. Their slim profiles allow for larger glass areas, maximizing natural light intake and enhancing the feeling of openness within interior spaces.
Reynaers SlimLine 38
Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors


In terms of technical specifications, the Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors system offers a range of options to meet different project requirements:

  • Thermal insulation: The system provides excellent thermal performance, with U-factor starting below 0.2, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing heat loss.
  • Two insulation levels: The system is available with a standard and HI insulation level, ensuring thermal comfort within the building.
  • Size limitations: The system can accommodate different dimensions, with element height of over 9 feet or width of almost 4 feet.

Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors is a high-quality and versatile solution that combines contemporary design with excellent thermal performance. With its sleek and minimalist appearance, it offers architects and designers the freedom to create visually appealing and energy-efficient buildings.

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