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Reconal’s fire-resistant products fully comply with fire safety regulations. This is certified by all required certificates.

Fire resistance, depending on the project’s requirements, is available in various classes, ranging from as low as EI 15 (15 minutes) to the EI 120 class (2 hours) for vertical constructions. It achieves the REI 20 / RE 30 class for roof glazing.

Exhibition & Congess Centre - Reconal

Our offer for fire-resistant constructions includes:

  1. Internal and external doors and windows (classes from EI15 to EI90): We provide fire-resistant products in classes ranging from EI15 to EI90, ensuring effective protection against the spread of fire.
  2. Automatic sliding doors (class EI30): Our automatic sliding doors have a fire resistance class of EI30, meaning they are resistant to fire for a specified period, ensuring safety.
  3. Roof skylights (classes RE30 and REI30): Available in classes RE30 and REI30, these skylights provide effective fire insulation while allowing natural light into the interior.
  4. Curtain walls (classes EI15 to EI60): We offer fire-resistant constructions in classes ranging from EI15 to EI60, tailored to various project needs.
  5. Fire walls (class EI120): Our fire walls have a fire resistance class of EI120, indicating the highest fire resistance, enabling the design of secure spaces.
  6. Smoke-sealing doors: We provide smoke-sealing doors that effectively protect against the spread of smoke.
  7. Smoke-venting and air-intake windows: Our products ensure effective ventilation and smoke extraction, crucial for evacuation in case of fire.

With our diverse range of fire-resistant constructions, we can adapt to various project needs, providing not only aesthetically pleasing solutions but, above all, secure ones.

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