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Projects completed by Reconal company

We will help bring your project to life, leveraging our experience. Over the past years, we have created innovative architectural solutions for numerous projects locally, across Poland, and throughout Europe.

As seen below, we have experience in applying a wide range of solutions to execute various projects. Regardless of the type of construction, project scale, or sector, Reconal can help you build your vision.

The projects presented below are only a part of all our completed jobs…

Modern Harmony: Architecture Based on Aluminum and Glass

In today’s world of architecture, where functionality walks hand in hand with aesthetics, buildings constructed using aluminum and glass represent a unique incarnation of contemporary beauty and an innovative approach to construction.

The lightweight and durability of aluminum structures intertwined with the transparency of glass facades create not only sturdy but also elegant spaces. This subtle balance allows for freedom in interior design while maintaining the assurance of the entire structure’s stability.

The innovative design resulting from the use of aluminum and glass allows for the shaping of bold architectural forms. Large glazing, intricate details, and ergonomic solutions give rise to spectacular structures that not only captivate with modernity but also seamlessly blend with the surroundings.

Energy efficiency, stemming from the excellent thermal insulation of the materials, not only translates into the comfort of residents but also reflects a concern for the natural environment.

All of these elements contribute to a harmonious image where glazed facades and panoramic windows create fluid transitions between the interior and the environment. These are not just buildings; they are true works of art that not only meet contemporary functional requirements but also bring unique aesthetics to the urban landscape. In architecture based on aluminum and glass, we discover a new form of modern harmony, where functionality and beauty intertwine as one.

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