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Aluprof MB-86 Fold Line HD

Bifold doors leading outside offer their users enormous freedom, allowing them to make the most of good weather and more or less completely eliminating the barrier between a building’s interior and its surroundings. They can be used to create an excellent, expansive way out onto a patio or to link a restaurant or café with the outdoor spaces it uses seasonally.

The ALUPROF MB-86 FOLD LINE HD is a solution which provides plenty of comfort in its daily use. At the same time, it not only features high technical parameters, but also makes it possible to create large-scale structures. The bifold doors can open outwards or inwards and the panels can be configured as desired. This state-of-the-art product is designed to meet the exhaustive demands of users, architects and developers alike.

MB-MB-86 Fold Line HD doors - key benefits:

  • it has durable, three-cavity aluminium profiles, with a structural depth of 86 mm for the frame and 77 mm for the panels
  • it is available as a corner or panoramic structure and can be assembled with up to eight panels
  • the profiles for the central section are fitted with thermal breaks with a width of 24 mm for the frames and 34 mm for the panels, contributing to the structure’s high thermal performance

The functions and aesthetics of the MB-86 FOLD LINE HD system:

  • the custom-designed hardware guarantees that door panels weighing up to 120 kg can be operated with ease
  • the extensive permissible dimensions make it possible to build doors with a maximum panel height of 3000 mm and a width ranging from 700 to 1200 mm;
  • it features the widest range of threshold solutions, including one which provides a weatherstrip and another which offers a low threshold for even more user comfort
  • the glazing ranges from 13.5 to 61.5 mm, meaning that both double- and triple-glazing units can be used, as can units with increased acoustic insulation and units with a burglary-resistance rating
  • it is designed to be compatible with our renowned and highly esteemed MB-86N window and door system. The profile joints are analogous to those for the MB-86N and the two systems share some profiles, gaskets and accessories.

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