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EXPERIENCE - Professionals serving the international construction market since 1993

We specialize in the production and management of construction investments, particularly those related to aluminum and glass structures, such as windows, doors, curtain walls, skylights, and ventilated facades.

COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH - A wide range of products, diverse aluminum systems, non-standard solutions.

Thanks to our extensive product range, we ensure the comprehensive implementation of construction projects, reducing the need for inter-industry project coordination.

COMPETITIVENESS - We offer solutions tailored to the Client

Our extensive experience allows us to tailor products to meet the Client’s expectations and explore possible cost optimizations. A modern machine park accelerates work while simultaneously reducing costs through high repeatability of processes and their precision.

Reconal's main products

Curtain walls – facades

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Examples of projects

Gdanski Business Centre - reconal
nearly completed

Olszynki Park Apartment Building

Facade area: 17 500m2. Building height: 220m. Year of completion: 2024. Implemented systems: Aliplast MC-WALL, SUPERIAL I.

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Poland / Katowice

Global Office Park

Facade area: 32 000m2. Building height: 109m. Year of completion: 2024. Implemented systems: Aluprof MB-SE65 GOP, MB-SR50N EFEKT.

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Poland / Warszawa

Chmielna 89

Facade area: 13 000m2. Building height: 72m. Year of completion: 2020. Implemented systems: Aluprof MB-SR50 N EFEKT.

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Poland / Warszawa

Gdansk Business Centre

Facade area: 17 200m2. Building height: 71m. Year of completion: 2014. Implemented systems: Reynaers CW50, CW50HV-SG.

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Platinium Business Park - reconal
Poland / Warszawa

Browary Warszawskie stage “J”

Facade area: 15 000m2. Building height: 47m. Year of completion: 2018. Implemented systems: Aluprof MBSR-50N EFEKT, OW windows.

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Poland / Kraków

High 5ive stage A&B

Facade area: 22 900m2. Building height: 36m. Year of completion: 2022. Implemented systems: Aluprof MB-SR50N.

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Poland / Warsaw

Platinium Business Park

Facade area: 26 000m2. Building height: 25m. Year of completion: 2012. Implemented systems: Reynaers CS99-SG-HV, CW50.

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Poland / Rzeszów

Asseco Innovation Hub

Facade area: 6 650m2. Building height: 27m. Year of completion: 2020. Implemented systems: Aluprof MB-SR50N, MB-86SI, EXTRABOND.

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Exhibition & Congess Centre - Reconal
Krupowki Shopping Centre - Reconal
Audi Showroom - Reconal
Poland / Rzeszów

G2A Arena

Facade area: 10 000m2. Building height: 25m. Year of completion: 2016. Implemented systems: Aliplast MC-WALL, MC-GLASS, MC-FIRE, MC-PASSIVE, IP800, IMPERIAL, ECONLINE.

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Poland / Warszawa

Grzybowska 43 – Ibis Hotel

Facade area: 6 200m2. Building height: 46m. Year of completion: 2016. Implemented systems: Aluprof MBSR-50N EFEKT, OW windows, MBSR-50 HI+.

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Poland / Zakopane

Krupówki mall

Nasz zakres prac obejmował fasady aluminiowe, okładziny perforowane, aluminiowe drzwi i okna.

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Poland / Rzeszów

Audi Showroom

Our scope of work included aluminum facades, perforated bent cladding, and automatic doors.

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airport terminal - reconal
Magistrates Court - reconal
Appeal Court - reconal
District Borough Office - reconal
Poland / Rzeszow

Airport Terminal Rzeszów-Jasionka

Facade area: 5 000m2 – external, 3 000m2 – internal. Building height: 3 storeys. Year of completion: 2011. Implemented systems:  Reynaers CW50, CS77.

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Poland / Rzeszów

District Court Building

Facade area: 3 200m2. Building height: 25m. Year of completion: 2008. Implemented systems: Reynaers CW50-HI, Reynaers CS68.

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Poland / Kraków

Court of Appeal Building

Year of completion: 2008

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Poland / Rzeszów

Administrative Building

Facade area: 1 200m2. Building height: 12m. Year of completion: 2012. Implemented systems: Reynaers CW50.

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Thespian Apartments - reconal
Dom prywatny - reconal
Poland / Wrocław


Facade area: 7 000m2. Building height: 9 storeys. Year of completion: 2011. Implemented systems: Aluprof MB-SR50 and MB-70HI.

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Poland / Silesia District

residence house in silesia

Facade area: 750m2. Building height: 2 floors. Year of completion: 2018. Implemented systems: Keller MW+, Aluprof MB50SR Efekt, MB86ST

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England / London

41 Spelman Street

Facade area: 287m2. Building height: top 2 floors. Year of completion: 2021. Implemented systems: Aluprof MB-SR60N Efekt, MB-70 HI.

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Poland / Mielec

residence house in subcarpathia

Facade area: 90m2. Building height: 1 floor. Year of completion: 2013. Implemented systems: Aluprof MB86SI, MB77HS.

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Wide range of products, various aluminum systems and technical solutions

Professional team of engineers and collaborating workshops

Modern CNC machine park

Assembly team with years of experience gained both nationally and internationally

Our services

Reconal is proud to be recognized as the innovative leader in glass, metal and aluminum manufacturing and installation services. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and reliability, guaranteed by over 30 years experience on the market.

We provide exceptional service, unbeatable Value and unparalleled Expertise.

Reconal is not only about quality products it is also a professional service which gives a sense of joy and satisfaction when thinking about the aluminium and glass building materials of your construction projects. We are a custom system manufacturer and installer, bringing architectural design to reality.

We take pride in the projects we have collaborated on in the architectural space, both locally, nationwide, and internationally for over 30 years.

The primary benefits of facade systems include enhanced thermal performance, sound insulation, and improved natural lighting.

Our systems contribute to sustainability efforts by incorporating energy-saving features like solar panels or green walls. Facade systems also offer flexibility in terms of customization, enabling unique and creative designs for buildings of various scales and purposes. When considering a facade system, factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness should be considered. It is essential to choose materials and construction techniques that meet local building codes and standards while aligning with the desired aesthetic and functional goals.

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