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Residential Constructions

Residential Structures: Premium Category

Residential structures belong to the Premium category. These are solutions of the highest quality, both in terms of technical parameters and aesthetics.

Open up your interiors, expand your living space, and connect it with the garden or terrace. With us, you can do it in a functional and aesthetic, and even extravagant way, and it will cost less than you expect.


We offer movable glazing solutions up to 3 meters in height and 7 meters in length, with high technical parameters (windproof and waterproof) as well as thermal efficiency. Always secure with anti-burglary designs. Fully glazed options and openable corners are available. Top-class hardware ensures light and trouble-free operation.


Structures available in over 200 colors and wood-like veneers. Special constructions are also available, such as load-bearing structural elements with glass ribs or facades with oversized glass panels.

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