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Curtain walls – facades

Curtain walls – what is it?

It’s hard to imagine 21st-century architecture without modern curtain walls. The combination of aluminum and glass opens up space, connecting the external and internal worlds. This product provides everything one can expect from a building wall: warmth, safety, and quiet, but it also offers something more: lightness, natural sunlight, high aesthetics. Reconal products embody all these principles, guiding us from the design phase to the installation of the curtain wall.


We offer curtain walls in various execution variants:

  • Vertical or horizontal division lines with aluminum strips,
  • Structural glazing with silicone sealant in the division lines,
  • Skylights and sloped facades,
  • High thermal and acoustic parameters (thermal transmittance from 0.7 W/m2),
  • Inserted windows of various types: hidden wing, tilting, tilt-and-turn, pivot, roof windows.
  • Constructions available in over 200 colors and patterns – RAL palette.
  • Glass individually selected in terms of technical and visual parameters.

Sample available aluminium systems:






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