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History of Reconal

Our history is critical to our success. We understand and live by our history through our accomplishments, our legacy and our impact in the world always making sure to stay faithful to our basic principles: value, innovation and delivering for our clients.

Our achievements have brought us trust and respect and placed us as the global leader in the aluminum and glass structures manufactures market creating a strong loyal customer base with repeat business.

Establishment of the company, production of windows and doors from single suppliers of aluminum and PVC systems.
Addition to the offer of curtain walls, expansion of production by a third supplier of aluminium systems.
Opening of a new production plant, extension of the offer by facade cladding.
Opening of a new production and office facility.
Further expansion of the product offer, implementation of automated production processes based on CNC machines.
Addition to the offer of structural training.
Expanding the company’s premises to meet the growing interest in Reconal products.
Establishment of the Export Department and the first projects outside Poland.
Establishment of a partner company in the UK, launch of another production hall adapted to the production of segmented facades.
The first realization of a segmented facade.
Sending one hundredth oversea container and two hundredth truck with top quality products to foreign customers.
Futher expansion to US and Canada markets. Top level realizations (literally and figuratively - 36+ storey buildings).

International Expansion

Over the past 30 years, we have continuously expanded our scope of activity. We started from the local market, then expanded our activities nationally, until we achieved the position of the leading supplier and installer throughout Poland. We have also exported our products and services to other European countries such as: Italy, Germany, Norway, and England. In 2017, a new, dedicated team was created in our company for futher expansion.

With futher intensive work and successes in the British market resulted in the establishment of the partner company Reconal Ltd in 2019 to acquire and service customers from the United Kingdom. Our company’s activities are not limited to the territories of the Old Continent. For years we have been successfully exporting to the United States, and there has even been an implementation off the coast of Africa. We also recently had several successes in Canada with further expansion.

The goal of expansion is to build the Reconal brand in European and Norht American markets in a coherent and lasting manner. Our sales specialists, engineers, technicians, and quality inspectors work collaboratively to offer the best products in the aluminum industry, regardless of location, taking into account the specifics of each region.

The goal of expanding exports is to build the Reconal brand in European and American markets in a cohesive and sustainable manner. Our sales specialists, engineers, technicians, and quality inspectors collaborate to offer the best products in the aluminum industry, regardless of location, taking into account the specificities of each region.

Product Development – Perforated Panels

As the global leader in the aluminum and steel façade market we always want to be innovative and be at the cutting edge of technology.

Perforated aluminum and steel facade panels are a category of products that we focus on in a special way. Modern architectural and design trends increasingly demand these solutions, and the market is showing that perforated panels will be increasingly used. Therefore, we continuously expand our machinery park with machines technology that realize increasingly demanding projects.

In the coming years, we will continue to work hard and innovate so that perforated panels offered by Reconal are a complete and appropriate solution for all internal and external applications. Our goal is to further expand our portfolio of ready-made graphic and design patterns, as well as to cooperate with clients on their authorial visions, to become the global leader in the market of customized perforated panels.

Product Development – Unitized Curtain Walls / Window Wall Systems

Following market needs, we develop our competencies in the field of prefabrication of building facade elements in the form of ready-made segments or window-door constructions installed in prepared openings equipped with edge profiles. This approach allows customers to save on installation time and reduce assembly costs.

The design and logistics falls on us and we are prepared for the challenge. However, we want to work on making our products even better and more quickly available, so we exchange our experiences from implementations with system suppliers, which have already resulted in corrections in catalogs and improved the overall quality of finished products.

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