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Mission and values

For Reconal, our long-term strategic vision is to continue to be in the position as the globally respected and recognized leader in manufacturing of aluminium, steel, and glass structures in Poland through innovating with success in domestic, national and international markets.

We serve the high-rise condominium sector by providing efficient, reliable, and professional services tailored to our client’s needs. Our team leverages industry-proven technology and expertise to create innovative solutions. Safety, compliance, and quality assurance form the core
of our operations.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become US and Canada’s premier glass, aluminum and metal manufacturers and installers, renowned for our expertise and customer-centric approach. We promote a culture that values operational excellence, adaptability, and a supportive work environment for our team members. We advocate for effective communication, collaboration, and responsiveness in all our projects.

We are constantly looking for new ways to support our clients, our communities, and our planet. We bring innovation and value into everything that we do. We are passionate about creating industry-shifting innovations to support our people, communities, and planet. Our growth is fueled by an ecosystem of innovation that is embedded throughout our business, from product and materials to technologies for our clients and communities.

Reconal aims to transform the façade building landscape with innovative approaches that exceed customer expectations and positively impact the communities we serve while safeguarding the environment for a sustainable future.


Ideas come from individuals, but choosing the path, developing the idea, and performing the task is teamwork.


We believe that challenges increase creativity, so we focus on ambitious implementations.


Fair competition is the basis of a healthy service market, so we are not afraid of it, because we also guide our actions with this ethos.


Each project is unique, so our solutions are tailored to its requirements.

Reconal is People, goals and values

We are very proud of the entire Reconal team, as we all follow and support the same company principles. Whether we work in the production hall, transporting goods with forklifts or to client’s locations, preparing documentation, or holding consultation meetings, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customers’ satisfaction is our driving force to create newer, better, safer, and more durable products.

Over the past quarter-century, staff turnover at Reconal has been minimal and limited to a few cases of staff relocation abroad or random events. This means that we have been able to maintain a highly cohesive team with knowledge and experience, which can develop and innovate.

Our staff is also supplemented by new generations of engineers and technicians, who take over the experience of older colleagues and at the same time bring a breath of fresh approach and modern working methods to the team.

Józef Bytnar, Reconal's Co-founder


Objective number 1

Through team collaboration, we solve endless building construction and design challenges arising from all aspects of contemporary architectural trends to provide value to our clients.

Objective number 2

Develop comprehensive and customized product concepts, production, and installation methods tailored to innovative and individual project needs.

Objective number 3

Always maintain an open and collaborative approach to all design concepts to ensure highquality products and services that meet customer expectations.

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