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Internationalization of the company RECONAL Sp. z o.o. through the implementation of a business model.

We would like to inform you that the company RECONAL Sp. z o.o. is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds under the name “Internationalization of RECONAL Sp. z o.o. through the implementation of a business model.”

Operational Program “Eastern Poland Operational Program”

Priority Axis “1 Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland”

Action “1.2 Internationalization of SMEs”

Main goal: The project aims to finance the costs of implementing the business model’s assumptions, focused on building the company’s brand in the Canadian market.

The main goal of the project will be achieved through the implementation of specific objectives:

  1. Purchase of advisory services related to the preparation for the implementation of a new business model for the company.
  2. Purchase of fixed assets, intangible assets, legal values, and other elements (including services) necessary for the proper implementation of the project.
  3. Implementation of marketing and communication activities.

The achievement of the above goals will directly translate into gaining a competitive advantage by:

  1. Introducing RECONAL Sp. z o.o. products to the Canadian market.
  2. Building a network of end customers.
  3. Establishing cooperation with distributors of products similar to the internationalized products of RECONAL Sp. z o.o.
  4. Building an international brand for the Subcarpathian company RECONAL Sp. z o.o.
  5. Increasing employment.

The implementation of the project will also bring economic benefits directly related to financial results, i.e., an increase in revenues from the sale of internationalized products.

Project value: PLN 425,770.26 EU co-financing of the project: PLN 306,326.02

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