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Global Office Park

Implemented systems: Aluprof MB-SE65 GOP, MB-SR50N EFEKT

Facade area: 32 000m2

Building height: 109m

Year of completion: 2024

Project Gallery - Global Office Park

Distinctive Elements

Distinguishing elements of this project include intricate facade modules and cladding made in the form of 3D panels.


Global Office Park is an under-construction office building complex in Katowice, located in the vicinity of Mickiewicza, Dąbrówki, and Jana III Sobieskiego streets. The construction of the development started in November 2019 and is expected to be completed in February 2024. The usable area of these multi-story structures will be 86,000 sq.m., with the majority dedicated to office space – over 59,000 sq.m., followed by commercial and service premises – nearly 3,000 sq.m., and residential units – over 26,000 sq.m., including retail space. The project is an investment by Cavatina Holding based in Krakow. Nearby are the Stalexport II building and the Stalexport I office building, and the Global Apartments building is also under construction.


  • The investment consists of four buildings.

Source: urbanity.pl

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