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Aluprof MB-79

The MB-79N is the latest cutting-edge, budget-friendly window and door system in the ALUPROF range. Introduced with a view to meeting heightened thermal insulation requirements, it is employed for a broad range of structures, including fixed, turn, tilt, tilt and turn, and tilt-and-slide windows, single and double exterior doors and storefront solutions with doors. Besides the economical version, the MB-79N E, which features a one-component central seal, and the MB-79N ST version with a two-component central seal, we also offer the MB-79N SI variant with top-end thermal insulation and profiles that come equipped with insulating inserts and a two-component central seal. For external doors, the range also includes the MB-79N SI+ variant, which comes with a central seal and insulating inserts inside the profiles.

Aluprof MB 79
Aluprof MB 79
Aluprof MB 79
Aluprof MB 79

MB-79 - key benefits:

  • The windows and doors feature thermal breaks made of an innovative material with a brand-new shape, allowing the use of a seal in the profile insulation
  • suitable for a wide range of double or triple glazing of up to 63 mm for windows and 54 mm for doors, making it possible to use every commonly available type of glass, including acoustic and burglary-resistant glass
  • Aluprof obtained positive results of hurricane tests conducted for the MB-79N system in accordance with ASTM guidelines and Florida Building Code TAS 201-94, TAS 202-94 and TAS 203-94
Aluprof MB 79
Aluprof MB 79
Aluprof MB 79


  • profile depth: 79 mm (window vent) and 70 mm (frame and door panel)
  • three thermal variants for the window structures: the MB-79N E, MB-79N ST and MB-79N SI; four variants for the doors: the MB-79N E, MB-79N ST, MB-79N SI and MB-79N SI+
  • the structure meets the Technical Requirements which took effect as of 2021 for windows and doors, at 0.9 W/m2K and 1.3 W/m2K, respectively
  • thermal performance: Uw from 0.64 W/(m2K), Uf from 0.83 W/(m2K)
  • excellent kinematics, facilitating the construction of narrow, operable windows
  • the door panel profiles have an isolation joint, which eliminates thermal stresses during operation
  • invisible hinges and the most popular multi-point hardware can be used, including concealed fittings together with state-of-the AluPilot fittings. For the doors, fittings with automation and access control functions are also available
  • class RC1 to RC3 burglary-resistant doors can be produced using the system, as can paneled front doors, providing a wealth of aesthetic potential
  • a large selection of handles in range of styles is available, including a minimalist look, with a rosette or without

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