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Reconal is not only about quality products it is also a professional service which gives a sense of contentment and satisfaction when thinking about the aluminium and glass parts of your construction projects. Here is what we do so well and how we execute it.

our approach

1 - Project evaluation

Share with us your project documentation and challenge the Reconal team with your architectural vision. In return you will receive a project evaluation meeting all your needs. All of this in a compelling price.

2 - Site inspection and surveying

If you choose Reconal to be your project partner, you can expect a dedicated team to meet you on site to carry out inspections and surveys to ensure your project progresses smoothly from an architectures blueprint to its completion. We carry out regular checks to make sure that all architectural documents are in line with construction site reality in order to create the product you really need.

3 - Project and workshop design

As an engineering consultant our qualified and experienced team is accustomed to creating multi-disciplinary solutions on large-scale projects. Our approach is to take an independent role during the design process, and our objective is to mitigate any conflicts or issues raised during the design process in order to achieve the best value for Reconal clients.

4 - Customer service

From the beginning up to project completion we provide customer service that brings you peace of mind about your project and satisfaction of your decision to do business with us.

5 - Delivery

First of all – on time, we know how crucial it is in the construction industry. Secondly handled with care so products arrive in pristine condition on site.

6 - Installation

Our dedicated team of specialists carry out the installation of our products. Their years of experience and know-how ensures that our products are installed safely, on time and within your budget. Any problem will be anticipated solved quickly on site. For us the job is not finished until the product has been installed to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

7 - Guarantee execution

You will get all manuals from us in order to keep the product in good shape. But if you think something has gone wrong and a product has failed to serve you tell us about it. If you experience product failure we will correct the issue for your efficiently and effectively.

Production machinery

We are very proud of the fact that Reconal has a fully automated aluminium production facility, equipped with industry modern CNC machinery such as cutting centres, turret press and milling plotters. This machinery ensures our work is dynamic and still accurate. That is one of the reasons why we beat competitors by price and quality.

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