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Aluprof MB Slider Window

The Aluprof MB Slider Window system is ideal for both vertical and horizontal sliding windows in internal and external settings where thermal insulation is not required. Common applications include reception windows in banks, canteens, and reception areas.

One of the key advantages of the Aluprof MB Slider Window system is its ability to streamline construction processes. Prefabrication becomes quicker and simpler, as the system eliminates the need for labor-intensive mechanical treatments.

Featuring slender leaf and frame profiles, the Aluprof MB Slider Window system offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. With a structural depth of 45 mm for frames and 26 mm for leaves, it provides a minimalist appearance without compromising on durability.

A notable feature of the vertical sliding window system is the concealed drives within the leaf profile, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the construction.

Moreover, the Aluprof MB Slider Window system can be further enhanced with high-quality hardware from industry-recognized companies, ensuring that the final products meet the highest standards in both appearance and functionality.

Aluprof MB Slider Window

MB Slider Window - key benefits:

  • The system-based MB-Slider Window offers versatile sliding options, allowing for vertical or horizontal movement according to specific preferences and spatial requirements.

  • For vertical sliding windows, the system supports a maximum active leaf weight of 25.5 kg, ensuring smooth operation and stability.
  • A notable feature is the concealed drive mechanism integrated within the leaf profile. This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the window but also ensures seamless functionality, providing a sleek and uncluttered appearance while maintaining ease of operation.

The Aluprof MB Slider Window system offers a host of features and benefits tailored to meet diverse architectural needs:

  1. Versatile Sliding Options: Windows can slide vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility in design and functionality to suit various spatial requirements.
  2. Compatibility: The system is compatible with any window and door system, allowing for seamless integration with existing structures or new installations.
  3. Weight Capacity: For horizontal sliding windows, the system supports a maximum leaf weight of 80 kg, ensuring stability and smooth operation. In vertical sliding windows, the maximum active leaf weight is 25.5 kg.
  4. Concealed Drive: The drive mechanism is discreetly concealed within the leaf profile, maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance while ensuring reliable functionality.
  5. Effective Drainage and Ventilation: Designed with an effective water drainage and ventilation system, the MB-Slider Window is well-suited for internal applications, promoting air circulation and preventing water ingress.
  6. High-Quality Hardware: The system is compatible with hardware from recognized companies, ensuring durability, reliability, and ease of operation.
  7. Dual Leaf Profile Sizes: Two sizes of leaf profiles are available, providing flexibility in design and accommodating various aesthetic preferences.
  8. Reception Window Options: Reception windows can be fabricated within the MB-Slider Window system frame or as independent constructions. Glazing options ranging from 4 mm to 10.5 mm allow for customization to meet specific requirements and preferences.

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